ParaDry Systems


"The hoist way system is the heart of any parachute drying tower project.  No matter how effectively and efficiently the other functions may operate, if the hoist way system doesn't work as intended . . . the project is a failure.  As lead architect for the Camp Blanding Parachute Drying Tower, I took extra time to research the right type of hoist way system.  The ParaDry System not only satisfied the project requirements, it was the only system within the budget. InterAmerica is my choice for all future Parachute Drying Tower projects."

D. Brent Sauser, AIA, LEED AP

"The experience of working with InterAmerica Stage [was] educational. As one of the architects working on this project, we only had a preliminary concept of how the parachute hoist system should fit and operate inside of the building.  InterAmerica Stage went beyond our expectations and explained every detail.”

Zoran Aleksic, R.A., NCARB
Project Architect
Camp Blanding Joint Training Center